Ari Media Company

We use video to tell stories of cool companies and products in a way that captivates viewers and turns them into raving fans.


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Beautiful & Robust

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.

Market Research

Tell us about your brand, thing, or idea. Then we can take a look around your market, and here we can see what’s been done and what hasn’t.


The time has come, we are ready to spend some time developing and writing up what’s called a treatment.


Our first day of Production. Lights, Camera, Action! It’s still the beginning and first phase of the actual production process, but with vision, treatment, and strategy lined up, it is safe to say we are going in the right direction


With TV accredited Network Finish editors we are ready to broadcast your content to any audience. Web or TV